China News Service, April 2 According to Reuters, on April 1, local time, American infectious disease expert Fauci said that even if AstraZeneca's new crown vaccine is approved by the US regulatory agency, the United States may not need the vaccine.

  When asked whether the U.S. will use AstraZeneca’s new crown vaccine, he said, “This is not certain. My overall feeling is that, given the supply contracts signed with other companies, we will not use AstraZeneca vaccines. , There are enough vaccines available."

  At present, dozens of countries have approved the use of AstraZeneca vaccine, but not including the United States.

  Prior to this, some patients who were vaccinated with AstraZeneca had complications, and many countries in the European Union have suspended vaccination of AstraZeneca.

The European Medicines Agency announced after the safety committee meeting that the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe and effective against the new coronavirus, and pointed out that the advantages of the vaccine and the protection of the people outweigh the possible risks.

  At present, European regulatory agencies are still investigating these incidents, but for the time being they believe that vaccination can be continued, and European countries have generally resumed AstraZeneca vaccination.