The U.S. government was exposed to “children’s concentration camps” and illegally imprisoned 5,000 minors for fear of exposing and blocking reporters

  A group of news photos from the United States on March 23, 2021 attracted worldwide attention.

In the border area of ​​Donna City, Texas, several children's "concentration camps" were discovered.

  In the past two months, more than 100,000 illegal immigrants have poured into the United States, ushering in an unprecedented refugee crisis in the United States.

At the same time, thousands of children were imprisoned in closed shacks for several days, without beds and food.

  The exposure of the photo shattered the phantom of the American dream and the image of "freedom, kindness and equality" created by the US government, and ushered in the first wave of global controversy since he took office.

  Some netizens even began to miss Trump...

  Overthrow Trump’s immigration policy,

  100,000 refugees invaded in 30 days

  During the Trump era, the "strictest in history" zero-tolerance immigration policy has been criticized by many people as inhuman.

At that time, the Trump administration stated that it would carry out criminal proceedings against all adult illegal immigrants. Minors will be subject to a "separation of flesh and blood" policy and sent to temporary settlements, waiting to be assigned to child placement centers or legal guardians.

Of course, minors can also be repatriated voluntarily.

  According to rough statistics at the time, this policy may result in the separation of 26,000 illegal immigrant families.

Biden has also focused on this point and wanted to "be a good person" in terms of immigration policy and win the favor of the people.

  Once he took office, his immigration policy basically overturned everything in the Trump era.

Stop building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border; cancel the "ban on Muslims"; provide legal naturalization for nearly 10 million immigrants.

  In the beginning, these measures looked extremely beautiful in the eyes of supporters.

But before the brilliance of the American spirit of freedom, kindness and tolerance shines on the earth, Americans have suffered the pain of relaxing immigration policies.

  Illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border mainly come from South American countries. These countries originally had civil wars, gangs, poverty and other problems. Last year's epidemic caused many people to come to the United States more eagerly to find a livelihood.

Last year the border control was too tight and some people were persuaded to retreat. As a result, seeing Biden's tone relaxed, he immediately began a two-way sea-land migration to the US border.

  According to US law enforcement officials, 100,000 illegal immigrants were detained at the border in February this year, and more than 4,500 people poured into it in a single day on March 3.

  This has to mention another decision made by Biden, he restored the arrest policy of the Obama era.

Both illegal immigrants were arrested and released after wearing electronic shackles in the United States.

They need to attend immigration court on a specified date before they can move freely in the United States.

  The problem here is that because there are too many illegal immigrants, American supervision is not in place.

As a result, court sessions are usually very slow, and some have to wait for a year or two. Therefore, many illegal immigrants simply find ways to cut off their shackles and start living freely in the United States.

Therefore, Biden has no way of predicting how many illegal immigrants are coming.

  This is not the main reason for this controversy.

After all, adult illegal immigrants can be dealt with in accordance with the law, but after taking office, Biden also revised his policy on illegal immigrants for children.

  "Reunite separated families of illegal immigrants and stop expelling minor illegal immigrants." In other words, people under the age of 18 who enter the United States from the U.S.-Mexico border are likely to be able to stay and work in the United States.

  For young people in many countries, this represents this sentence-the United States is calling, if it doesn't come, it won't come!

As a result, the "New York Times" reported that the number of unaccompanied underage immigrants who went to the United States alone to seek asylum in the past two months increased sharply, and the customs was instantly overwhelmed.

  According to the law, these young people and even children will stay in temporary camps at the border, waiting for asylum to be approved.

At first, American people naively thought that these children could at least have beds, eating, drinking, and bathing facilities like a shelter for homeless people.

Moreover, the law stipulates that immigrant children cannot be detained for more than 3 days, and they can live a good life within two days.

  So some people thought that Biden was doing a good deed, but no one knew that these children were actually living in "concentration camps."

  5000 children off concentration camp,

  U.S. government prevents reporters from exposing

  After the US government announced that "they will not expel vulnerable children who are illegal immigrants," many South American children were invited to seek asylum. As a result, more than 15,000 illegal immigrant children have entered the United States alone.

The vast majority of them were sent to so-called shelters.

  There are too many people, the shelter is just a simple house, and the environment is extremely bad.

In Donna City on the border, more than 400 children were stuffed into a space that can only accommodate more than 200 people.

This is only the case of boys.

  The children slept together shoulder to shoulder. Because there were not enough beds, they had to distribute mattresses. Later, the mattresses were not enough.

A large number of children slept on the ground and only kept warm with the distributed insulation cloth.

  U.S. law stipulates that underage immigrants cannot be detained for more than 3 days, but according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as of last Saturday, 2,226 children have been detained for more than five days, and 823 children have been detained here for 10 days. the above.

  This large group of children come from various countries in Central America and South America, and they have not yet been tested for the new crown after living in.

In this case, hundreds of people sleeping side by side together are simply living in a virus petri dish.

  Most shelters do not have a bathroom, and children are not allowed to go out.

According to the media, most people can only take a bath once a week, and there is not enough food, water and soap, and they cannot call their family members. This is basically prison life.

  Although some people may say that these people come to the United States voluntarily, they should not ask too much.

But know that it is the U.S. government that promised to "open the country", and that it is the U.S. government that promises to reunite with their families when they come.

If you fool people into your own territory, you have to be responsible to them, right?

  If you don't care, what is the difference between this place and the European refugee camps where the United States mocks "inhumane" every day?

  Texas, on the front line of the border, is already overwhelmed and very dissatisfied with it.

Rep. Michael McCall scolded Biden: "I didn't see any filing. The US government created a humanitarian crisis at the border. As they promised, he (Biden) will bear the main responsibility because He told them: If you want to come, you can stay."

  A more open policy is okay, but the number of children detained at the border has tripled, and the number of people crossing the border has hit a record.

With inadequate facilities, insufficient management personnel, defective management systems, and the country's unstable epidemic situation, Biden is simply thankless.

  Conservative American nationals were frightened and scolded by the tens of thousands of immigrants, and liberals were also angry when they saw a large group of innocent children trapped in the camp.

The international community even more relentlessly criticized the U.S. government for overturning, and no one's kind words were taken.

  However, the US government refused to acknowledge the immigrant crisis, and even prevented reporters from reporting the true situation of children’s “concentration camps”.

  The government has issued a "zero entry" border policy to journalists, prohibiting them from filming the border, especially the encounters of child immigrants here.

Many reporters call it an unprecedented "sealing".

  Photojournalist John Moore asked on Twitter: "I would like to ask the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to stop blocking media access to the border. I took news pictures of this area under the leadership of Bush, Obama and Trump, but Now you are banning reporters from entering?"

  This matter is unwelcome. Seeing that the Democratic Party can't stand it anymore.

All the photos of children's shelters posted above were only exposed to the public after Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar found a way.

Shattered the filters that Biden created before.

  A netizen said: The children’s shelter is a left-wing version, a more generous and gentle new crown petri dish. #拜登妻墓

  But the government is still throwing the pot. The Secretary of Homeland Security said: This place at the border was originally a temporary shelter, and it was not prepared for children at the beginning. We subjectively did not want to place minors in an inhumane situation.

It's just that there are too many people now and we can't be too busy, so we work around the clock to let them out as soon as possible.

  He also stepped on Trump, saying that although their living conditions are poor, at least they did not throw six or seven-year-old boys and girls back into the Mexican desert like Trump did, and let them fall into the hands of traffickers.

  This... There were also cases of children stranded in shelters during Trump’s time. At that time, Biden also said that “Trump’s immigration policy of putting children in cages is inhumane” (the “cages” were actually built during Obama’s time). It's not the same excuse.

It's really unnecessary than bad.

  Of course, the crisis initiated by Biden made Trump happy, and the Republican Party also intends to take the opportunity to regain control of the parliament.

Chuan said that Biden plunged the United States into a "national disaster"

  "People who shouldn't be here are invading this country on a large scale all the time, and the situation is getting worse every minute."

  Ted Cruz, the Republican Senate of Texas, accused the White House of concealing the truth, preventing reporters, and abusing children.

Another Texas Senate suspected that Biden simply left the mess for them to clean up.

  In the eyes of the liberals of his own Democratic Party, Biden's immigration policy has also been criticized.

Many people say that he is too idealistic and hastily, which will only bring chaos to the United States.

  Finally, the U.S. government, which had been stubborn for a long time, couldn't hold it anymore. In a recent ABC interview, Biden was forced to abandon his personal design as a good person, calling immigrants "Don't come to the United States."

  The host asked: Did you not expect that you would cause the mistake of a surge in immigration?

  Biden: There will also be a surge in 2019 and 2020

  Moderator: This year is more serious

  Biden: (begins stammering) Maybe, but they all said that I let them come. I heard that they came to the United States because they thought I was a good person.



  Moderator: Then can you say something to them now, don’t come

  Biden: Yes, I said very clearly, don't come.

We are not ready yet.

Don't leave your hometown, city, and community.

  Now, a large number of refugees with "Biden, please let us in" T-shirts printed on their bodies are kneeling on the US-Mexico border.

Biden's commitment to immigration has finally become a farce and a lot of unsolved problems.

Of course, this is already a traditional American art of perfidy.

  The Australian melon eaters who watched all this said:

  I expect Megan Harry to distribute rice coupons and photos at the border.



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