Following a court ruling, Belgium has to withdraw all measures to contain the coronavirus within 30 days due to insufficient legal basis.

This was decided by a court in the capital of Brussels in the first instance after a lawsuit by the League for Human Rights, several media reported on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry confirmed the verdict.

The League for Human Rights sued the Belgian state a few weeks ago because the decisions made during the corona pandemic had no legal basis.

The ruling now provides for a fine of 5000 euros a day - but a maximum of 200,000 euros - if it is not implemented.

According to the Flemish newspaper De Standaard, the Belgian state can appeal.

However, this would have no suspensive effect.

Strict corona rules currently apply in the country.

Belgians are only allowed to have close contact with someone outside their own household.

Four people wearing masks are allowed to meet outdoors.

Shopping is only possible by appointment.

Restaurants, pubs and cafes have been closed for months anyway.

There has long been a night curfew across the country.

In addition, you are not allowed to enter or leave Belgium without a valid reason.