Bremen (dpa) - In the struggle between the federal and state governments for stricter corona measures, Bremen's Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (SPD) is skeptical of the introduction of a nationwide curfew.

"On the one hand, the effect of curfews is often overestimated, on the other hand, the principle of proportionality requires that all milder measures to combat pandemics be exhausted first," said Bovenschulte of the newspaper "Die Welt" (Thursday).

A curfew must be “the very last resort”.

Instead, the Mayor of Bremen spoke out in favor of a legal obligation for all companies to carry out internal rapid tests for employees who could not work from home.

"But if you don't even dare to enforce such a comparatively mild measure, how can you justify locking people up in their homes across the board," asked Bovenschulte.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had emphatically reminded the federal states of the agreed corona emergency brake at the weekend and indicated that the federal government could also intervene if necessary.


Bovenschulte spoke out against centralizing pandemic management.

It is a «misconception that centrally organized decisions inevitably lead to better results,» he said.

A look at other European countries proves this.

In addition, according to the constitution, the federal, state and local governments are “imperatively” dependent on one another.

A change to the Federal Infection Protection Act would require the approval of the federal states.

The municipalities are asked to implement it.

"In this respect: it can only work together, not against each other."

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