A police car in Lille.

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There was activity in the park of the Citadel of Lille, Tuesday after.

In the literal sense: a DJ from Lille had put his turntables in front of nearly 400 people.

This while Hauts-de-France has been subject to the confinement regime since Saturday, March 20.

France Bleu Nord was there and questioned ShyBoy, the DJ, who explains that he did this "to please people because we haven't been able to dance for a year".

The man in his twenties assumes that he looks carefully to see if his young audience stays in small groups that respect barrier gestures: "They stay among themselves, in small groups anyway, if they get together I" stopped ".

ShyBoy has in any case found its audience with students who can no longer stay confined in small apartments: "The weather is fine, we are fed up with confinement", explains one of them.

It was 24 ° C Tuesday in Lille, a record for a month of March.

During the impromptu party, the police are present in the area but no ticket has been issued.

The police preferred to educate people without masks, in particular.

The approximately 400 people dispersed peacefully at 7 p.m. curfew time.

But they could come back this Wednesday.


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