Thousands of villagers fled to Thailand to seek refuge in an air raid on ethnic armed control areas by the Myanmar military. Thai Prime Minister speaks out

  [Global Times reporter Li Bingxin] According to local media in Myanmar on the 29th, the conflict between the Myanmar military and the Karen National Liberation Army is escalating. In recent days, air strikes on the Karen National Liberation Army-controlled area near the Myanmar-Thailand border have forced thousands of villagers. Fleeing to Thailand for refuge.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut said on the 29th that from a humanitarian perspective, some help will be given to refugees.

In addition, the Office of the United States Trade Representative announced on the 29th that all trade between the United States and Myanmar will be suspended, which will take effect immediately until the return of the elected government.

  According to the report, from the evening of the 28th to the early morning of the 29th local time, the Myanmar government forces once again carried out air strikes on the Karen ethnic armed control area, causing large tracts of houses to be burned and many villagers injured. The Burmese border flees the war.

Earlier, the 5th Brigade of the Burmese Karen National Armed Forces captured a government army camp and position near the town of Paben in the early morning of the 27th, causing many government officers and soldiers casualties and capturing 8 officers and soldiers.

After that, the Burmese government forces conducted air raids on the Karen ethnic armed control area twice on the evening of the 27th and 28th.

  According to reports, Myanmar has established a number of ethnic armed groups since the 1950s to fight against military rule or seek independence in those days.

Through the changes of the times, many organizations including the Karen National Armed Forces have reached a ceasefire agreement with the Burmese government.

However, after the military took over power in February, the relationship between the multi-ethnic armed forces and the military deteriorated.

In addition to the Karen National Armed Forces, the Arakan Army, which had just been revoked by the military as a terrorist organization earlier this month, announced that it would go to the area controlled by the Karen National Liberation Army for support. The two sides decided to strengthen their alliance relationship and jointly resist the military.

The ethnic armed Shan State Reconstruction Committee, which is active on the Myanmar-Thailand border, said on the 27th: “If they (the military) continue to shoot at the demonstrators, no ethnic minority will stand by.” In addition, the Kachin Independence Army has been fighting with each other since the beginning of this month. Government forces continued to clashed in the Muse area in northern Myanmar.

  According to a report by Bloomberg on the 29th, the Representative Committee of the Union Parliament of Myanmar led by the Democratic League stated that the government led by President Win Myint will expire on March 31; the Representative Committee of the Federal Assembly will form a new government "National Unity Government" on April 1. , Negotiate with all parties to formulate a new constitution, and discuss the establishment of a federal army with ethnic minority armed forces.