In the spring, the weather varies from humid zero to sunny and warm.

Getting around is always just as rewarding as long as you wear the right kind of gear.

1. High quality jacket and pants are all a and o

A lightweight softshell jacket is an overall good garment for all walkers and fitness enthusiasts: it protects against wind and repels some water, but is often more breathable than a membranous, fully waterproof jacket, and therefore more comfortable to wear.

- It's boring if people miss out because of the weather.

The rain is as good as the sunshine, sums up Anne Mänty, Budget Sport's selection manager, who is also an avid outdoor mover.

Women's (1.) Icepeak Bethune Softshell, € 69.95, and men's (2.) Icepeak Biggs Softshell jacket, € 49.95, are standard on the spring rider.

The surface of the men's (3.) Icepeak Brilliant hiking trousers, € 79.95, repels wind and dirt and the flexible features bring comfort - the trousers are just as suitable for the city streets as for hiking use.

Sweaters should choose a lighter running jacket and pay attention to breathability and wind resistance.

The choice of pants is a matter of taste.

- Women usually prefer to run in leotards, while men more often choose wind pants.

There are also running pants with narrow legs and a looser top, suggests Anita Tuovinen, Budget Sport's selection manager.

(1.) Touch9 Jessica running jerseys, € 24.95, have a brushed inner surface that keeps you warm on colder days.

(2.) Touch9 Nat running tights, € 24.95, and (5.) light Touch9 Stam running jacket, € 24.95, are at their best when the meter is well on the plus side.

(3.) In men's Craft Essence sports pants, € 49.95, the legs are narrow, but the top is looser.

(4.) The Nike Essential running jacket, € 69.95, keeps the wind at bay and the hood provides extra protection against the latter and rain.

2. Select the technical features as needed

Waterproofness, breathability and flexibility are technical features that should be kept in mind when choosing suitable outdoor clothing.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to consider whether you want a windproof hood for your clothing or vents that allow air to circulate for added comfort.

In terms of materials, the mover should avoid cotton, which tightly binds moisture to itself.

High-quality sportswear is made of technical materials that breathe and transfer moisture away from the skin.

- Wool is also used in sportswear, as its properties are suitable for the traveler - with cold wool warms and with warm it cools, Tuovinen reminds.

Women's long-sleeved (1.) Touch9 Nikki running shirt, € 9.95, and men's short-sleeved (2.) New balance Core running shirt, € 27, breathe and keep you dry during the running run.

3. Learn the secrets of layering

Layering is a solution to changing weather.

When going on a longer trip, you should pack an extra fleece or sweater and a waterproof garment in your backpack, which will serve as a rescue in the event of rain.

However, all movers are different: some freeze easily and others run even in frosty shorts.

A more common mistake than underwear is to put on too much clothing, where Pine gives a working rule of thumb.

- If you feel a little cool for the first five minutes when you start moving, you are dressed properly, because your body warms up quickly, he says.

Women's (1.) Didriksons Wida outdoor jacket, € 99.95, and (4.) Halti Fort outdoor trousers, € 69.95, and men's (2.) Columbia Inner Limits outdoor jacket, € 79.95, and (3) .) Halti Fort outdoor trousers, € 69.95, hold water well and are suitable as the outer layer of clothing in rainy weather.

4. Woman, remember sports vests!

Underwear also plays an important role in a mover’s wardrobe.

According to Tuovinen, one factor that receives too little attention is the importance of sports bras.

- Finnish women usually buy the wrong size vests.

The circumference should be tight enough and the cup size large enough for the vest to be sturdy.

The Shock Absorber is a vest Rolls-Royce that is also suitable for the big-breasted, he hints.

The Shock Absorber Run sports bra, € 52.95, also provides the necessary support for the runner.

5. Take care of your sportswear properly

Outdoor clothing should be washed and maintained regularly to maintain its properties.

It is advisable to wash clothes in the washing machine immediately after a sports performance with liquid laundry detergent, but it is advisable to avoid fabric softener, as it may stain elastane and technical materials.

The water-repellent property of outdoor clothing may deteriorate with heavy use, but according to Männy, heat treatment helps to reactivate it.

- After washing, it is advisable to put the garment in the oven or iron it on low heat, if it is allowed according to the washing instructions.

In general, you should follow the instructions so that the clothes stay good for as long as possible, he reminds.

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