China Overseas Chinese Network, March 29. According to the WeChat public account of the Canadian "Great Chinese Business Daily", on March 27 local time, the Canadian Chinese Association and the Vancouver Chinese Association were located in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond in the Greater Vancouver area. The city also held candlelight silent activities to protest against discrimination against Asians.

  At 7:30 in the evening, representatives of the two major societies held up signs with slogans such as "Stop hatred for Asians", "Hate is a virus", and "Chinese Canadians shout loudly" in three cities. After dark, people put their mobile phones together. The lights were turned on and shot into the night sky, and a heart-shaped pattern was formed with candlelight to mourn the Asian people who died in the hate case.

  Recently, there have been many cases of discrimination against and harm to Asians in North America, which aroused the anger of Asians, and protests against discrimination against Asians broke out in many places.

  Since its establishment, the Canadian Association of Chinese Associations has been committed to serving the community, actively striving for and safeguarding the equal rights and interests of people of all ethnic groups, including Chinese, and committed to treating each other as equals and coexisting in harmony.

In response to the Asian hatred incident, the associations and all members of the joint organization have taken active actions to cooperate with Asian communities in various areas to organize protest demonstrations, and mobilize more people to speak up on social media to defend the equal rights of all.

The Vancouver Chinese Association is a century-old association that has repeatedly organized the Chinese community to oppose different forms of racial discrimination.

Now the two major societies have joined forces with local Asians to fight against racial discrimination.

  On the evening of the 27th, in the three cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond, people gathered loosely in the square in accordance with social regulations to hold silent candlelight demonstrations.

Burnaby City Councillor Wang Baijin, Richmond City Councillor Ou Zeguang and others were present to express their support.

  The delegates read the statement in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese respectively, stating that overseas Chinese and Asians have been repeatedly attacked in North America, causing uneasy Asians, hatred and discrimination intensified, and must be resolutely stopped.

  Participants in the rally said that Asians are not a virus, but hatred against Asians is the real virus. Asians must unite and fight for their right to survive. Political parties should see that Asians are suffering more and more harm. , The government should ensure the safety of Asian communities, and Asian communities should also unite to strive for a better living environment.

  The Canadian Chinese Association and the Vancouver Chinese Association thanked Canadian governments and officials at all levels for their statement, and said that Asians still have to stand up together to let the whole society understand the long-term inequality suffered by Asians in North America, and urge the government through protest actions. Introduced an anti-discrimination bill for Asians with the parliament to ensure the safety of Asian lives and lives legally and institutionally, and eliminate racially discriminatory speech and actions.