- There has been a steadily upward trend of new associations and new members, says Anderas Kårström who is an association developer at the Swedish Biathlon Association.

One of the reasons why it is difficult for the associations to grow as they want is that it is a sport that includes weapons.

Among other things, because weapons are expensive to buy, a gunpowder rifle costs around SEK 30-40,000 and an air rifle from SEK 11,000 for an association to buy.

"Want to be able to keep the young people in the future"

The Swedish Biathlon Federation is now investing in training in the associations that exist today in order to be able to produce more leaders.

- We are also trying to get more facilities around the country.

- We have growing pains in the business so we as a union must make smart choices and good investments so that we can keep everyone in the future.

So that this will not just be a fly but something lasting that everyone wants to do in the future.

Why are more parents and volunteers needed to help in biathlon compared to other sports?

Anders Kårström tells more about the sport's growing pains in the clip.