• Myanmar protests, media: children also killed.

    Over 100 dead today alone

  • At least 50 people killed in Myanmar during new protests

  • Myanmar: more than 600 protesters released.

    7-year-old girl killed by the police

  • The EU sanctions 11 Myanmar officials for coup and 4 from China for Uyghur repression


March 28, 2021 Sunday of mourning in Myanmar.

Opponents of the junta in power mourned the killing of at least 114 people by the security forces.

Yesterday was the day dedicated to the armed forces of Myanmar and it was the bloodiest day since the military coup on February 1.

"We salute our heroes who sacrificed lives during this revolution and we must win this revolution," one major protest group, the General Strike Committee of Nationalities (GSCN), posted on Facebook.

The repression has sparked renewed criticism from Western countries.

US Ambassador Thomas Vajda said on social media: "This bloodshed is horrible", adding "the people of Myanmar have spoken clearly: they do not want to live under military rule".

The EU delegation in Myanmar said Saturday "will forever be etched as a day of terror and dishonor". 

But the condemnation was not universal: the Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin participated in the military parade on Saturday in Naypyitaw and even Beijing has been careful not to make the slightest criticism of the Burmese junta.

A vital help for coup generals, as these two countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council and can block potential UN actions.