In Taiwan, a 700t fishing boat fell over during launch.

Today (28th), according to Taiwanese media such as the Bin Fruits News, Sungpan 188, built at the Sanyang Shipyard in southern Kaohsiung, lost its center and fell to the left at the launch ceremony held at 11am yesterday and was flooded.

At that time, many citizens on the site who were watching this scene were surprised by shouting'uh-oh-oh'.

The Kaohsiung Port Police said that when they heard the news of the accident, they made an emergency call and took steps to prevent further damage.

He added that he mobilized four tugboats to tow to the docks of the Sanyang Shipyard around 12:00, an hour after the accident.

In addition, about 10 people on board explained that fortunately there were no major injuries.

Officials in the shipbuilding industry speculate that it is a problem with ballast tanks (tanks containing ballast water) that balance ships.

In this regard, the Port Authority of the Ministry of Transportation (MOTC) said that the accident fishing vessel was a CT7 type deep-sea tuna fishing vessel with a class of 500 to 1,000 tons, and it started construction from the beginning of last year and is currently being repaired due to an accident that occurred during launch.

Taiwanese media reported that the production cost of the fishing boat was 200 million Taiwan dollars.

(Photo = Taiwan Public TV (PTS) capture, Taiwan Bean Fruit Report, Yonhap News)