March 28, 2021 "It is scandalous that those who have to protect the lives of others in addition to their own lives remain in their place if they do not want to vaccinate".

Thus the president of the Conference of the Regions and governor of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini speaking half an hour more on Rai3, on health workers who do not get vaccinated.

For Bonaccini it is necessary to introduce a rule to assign them to another task and he said he was "confident" that it will be introduced shortly.

"I also agree that nurses and doctors are vaccinated, otherwise they can't stay in their place," he said. 

 "We will have a sufficient number of doses, if everything is confirmed in the scheduled deliveries, to vaccinate all Italians," says Stefano Bonaccini.

"To date, however, the multinationals have behaved in a shameful way".

"So far there has been no lack of organization, no doses," says the governor.

"Sputnik? No Italian region can buy vaccines on their own, without the authorization of Ema and Aifa, as the rules stand today, if the rules change we will see," Bonaccini said, in a reference to the Russian vaccine.

"Tomorrow there will be no Draghi. What we will say is that we will have to tighten the bolts."

So at 'half an hour more the governor of Emilia Romagna, president of the State Regions Conference, about tomorrow's meeting with Gelmini, Figliuolo and Curcio.

"In the next few days we will also have another meeting with Franco on the Recovery Plan and next week we will also have another meeting with Draghi".

"Agreements have been signed for 52 million doses of vaccine to arrive between April and June, and another 80 million between July and September", Bonaccini recalled.