Hamburg (dpa / lno) - Hamburg's Justice Senator Anna Gallina (Greens) has officially registered the “Pact for the rule of law” to finance new judges and public prosecutors in Germany as a topic at the Justice Ministers' Conference, which expires at the end of the year.

"With the support of the federal government, the states have created numerous new positions in the judiciary," said Gallina of the German press agency.

If the pact now expires and this financial support ceases to exist, “the successes to date are at risk, because the corona pandemic is weighing heavily on the budgets of the countries”.

The federal and state justice ministers meet in Königswinter in mid-June.

At the beginning of 2019, after long discussions, the federal and state governments agreed that the states would create 2,000 new jobs nationwide in the overburdened judiciary.

In return, they will receive two tranches of 220 million euros from the federal government until the end of 2021.

According to earlier information from the tax authorities, this means around 2.5 million euros a year for Hamburg.

According to Gallina, Hamburg has increased the number of jobs by 250 to 980 since 2015 and created a good 50 jobs as part of the “Pact for the Rule of Law”.

"We have a joint responsibility here, the states and the federal government," said Gallina.

The common goal is to strengthen the rule of law and thus also people's trust in the rule of law.

"This is of fundamental importance, especially in times of the long-running pandemic."

The states are therefore also dependent on the financial commitment of the federal government beyond 2021.


The resolution proposal submitted to the dpa states, among other things, that the digitization of the judiciary is an enormous challenge.

"In particular, the expansion of electronic legal transactions and the introduction of electronic files will require a considerable amount of additional resources."

The heads of department are all the more concerned that federal legislation in the federal states is increasingly leading to additional resource requirements, which they have repeatedly drawn attention to recently.

Against this background, the justice ministers ask the federal government in their draft resolution to “enter promptly into negotiations with the federal states about an extension of the federal government's financial commitment and the further development of the pact for the rule of law”.

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