In the civil war that followed in Yemen, the rebels revealed that they had launched an attack on an oil facility in neighboring Saudi Arabia, which supports the administration.

Regarding the civil war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia has just proposed a ceasefire, and the Houthi movement has made it clear that it will not respond to it.

In Yemen in the Middle East, the civil war has continued since 2015 between the Hadi administration supported by Saudi Arabia and the Houthis rebels supported by Iran, and the humanitarian crisis is becoming more serious.

A Houthi spokesman said yesterday that he had launched an attack on an oil facility in Saudi Arabia using missiles and drones.

According to the Saudi Arabian government, the attack was on an oil facility in southern Jazan, which suffered damage such as burning tanks.

Regarding the Yemeni civil war, the Saudi Arabian government will call on both the administration and rebels to ceasefire nationwide under the supervision of the United Nations and start talks for a political solution on the 22nd. I was announcing the plan.

The Houthis has made it clear that this attack will not respond to Saudi Arabia's proposal.