, March 26. The Supreme People’s Court held a press conference on the 26th and issued the "Supreme People’s Court’s Regarding the People’s Court Providing Judicial Services for the Construction of Beijing’s National Service Industry Expanding and Opening Comprehensive Demonstration Zone and the China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone" And to answer questions from reporters.

Tao Kaiyuan, vice president of the Supreme People's Court, introduced that the "Opinions" is divided into six parts and a total of 26 articles, clarifying the overall requirements and specific measures in key areas for the people's courts to serve and guarantee the construction of the "two districts" in Beijing.

  The first part clarifies the general idea of ​​the people's courts to ensure the construction of the "two districts" in Beijing.

Emphasizes a deep understanding of the significance of serving and guaranteeing the construction of Beijing's "two districts" from a political and overall perspective, and accurately grasps the judicial needs of the construction of Beijing's "two districts" to help Beijing's construction not only have Chinese characteristics, but also conform to the positioning of the best city, with a global The influential high-level free trade pilot zone promotes the establishment of an open service industry system that focuses on trade and investment convenience and is in line with international high-standard economic and trade rules.

  The second part focuses on the trial of intellectual property rights, serves and guarantees technological innovation, and promotes the construction of an international technological innovation center in Beijing.

The first is to encourage and support the development of scientific and technological innovation in key frontier fields, and to provide judicial service guarantees for the capital to create a good innovation and entrepreneurial ecology; the second is to play the role of intellectual property trials in encouraging and guaranteeing scientific and technological innovation, promote the continuous upgrading of technology and industry, and maintain fair and orderly Market environment; the third is to strengthen the innovation of intellectual property adjudication mechanisms and improve the quality and effectiveness of intellectual property trials; the fourth is to increase the punishment of infringements of intellectual property rights and actively create a legal environment conducive to technological innovation.

  The third part helps the opening and development of Beijing's service industry and guarantees the construction of a comprehensive demonstration zone for the expansion and opening of the service industry.

Select to support the construction of key parks in accordance with the law, improve the level of professionalization of financial trials, support the reform and innovation of financial services, strengthen judicial protection of consumers' legal rights and interests, equal protection of the legal rights and interests of foreign investment, trial various service contract disputes in accordance with the law, and support administrative agencies to promote the service industry Practical measures are put forward for seven important aspects of judicial service and guaranteeing the opening of the service industry, including open development.

  The fourth part supports the development of the digital economy and promotes the creation of a digital economy pilot zone.

First, we must strengthen the judicial protection of data rights, and promote the formation of a benign development pattern of data elements that includes the collection and sharing of data resources, the safe and orderly flow of data, and the market-oriented allocation of data value; the second is to serve the development of new formats and models of the digital economy, and promote the digital economy and the real economy Deep integration; Third, we must support digital supervision innovation and promote the improvement of Beijing's digital economy governance capabilities; Fourth, we must promote the improvement of the digital field policy and regulation system, and accelerate the improvement of the judicial protection rules for data rights.

  The fifth part is to promote the modernization of the foreign-related adjudication system and adjudication capabilities, and create a world-class legalized business environment.

The first is to deepen the implementation of the foreign-related commercial trial strategy, innovate and improve the trial mechanism, and enhance the effectiveness of foreign-related judicial; the second is to strengthen the construction of the international commercial dispute resolution mechanism and build a first-class international commercial dispute resolution center; the third is to give full play to the advantages of Beijing's concentration of academic research resources on international law Strengthen research on the theory and practice of international law based on the characteristics of the rich types of foreign-related civil and commercial cases; fourth, improve the training mechanism for foreign-related legal personnel, and accelerate the training of a group of interdisciplinary international judicial personnel; fifth, deepen international judicial exchanges and cooperation, and promote the Beijing International Exchange Center Function construction.

  The sixth part actively participates in social governance and promotes regional coordination and opening up.

Make arrangements for the people’s courts to participate in the construction of Beijing’s social governance system and governance capacity from four aspects: promoting the informatization and intelligentization of trial work, strengthening the governance of litigation sources, guaranteeing the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and improving the risk prevention and control system. Build and provide a good legal environment.