Magdeburg (dpa / sa) - The parliamentary committee of inquiry that put Lotto-Toto Saxony-Anhalt under the microscope will present its results at the state parliament session in April.

The chairman of the committee, Andreas Steppuhn (SPD), said on Friday that the U-Committee had unanimously decided on a conclusion that it had drawn up, which also contained recommendations.

The coalition factions would have made this a recommendation for the state parliament.

AfD and the left followed.

There were only minor editorial changes.

Much of what the AfD tried to scandalize in the course of the investigations did not come true, Steppuhn continued.

With the approval of the conclusion, this was quasi confirmed by the AfD.

“It is true that, in principle, the management should have intervened in many places instead of hushing things up.

This misconduct has already led to the necessary consequences. "

It was good that the committee of inquiry had unanimously reached a conclusion and made recommendations.

The U-Committee was set up in the state parliament in autumn 2019 at the request of the AfD.

Among other things, it was about the topics of money laundering and player protection, but also the extent to which personal relationships played a role in the allocation of jobs.

Instead of these issues that were originally considered, the U Committee increasingly focused on the omissions of the Lotto management.

Finally, the two lottery bosses were dismissed in mid-September 2020 for misconduct in dealing with big players.

Lotto supervisory board boss Thomas Webel (CDU) had justified this with several misconduct, but above all with the inadequate information of the supervisory bodies.

Among other things, it was about several big players who, especially in a lottery shop in Zerbst, have been able to achieve high profits over several years since 2017, because, among other things, the game limit was increased with the approval of Landes-Lotto.


The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the lottery investigation committee, Jan Wenzel Schmidt, said: “Ultimately, the final report also confirms that the establishment of the committee was absolutely correct.

Many inconsistencies have come to light that made it necessary to replace the management. "

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