China News Agency, Moscow, March 24 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) In response to Canada’s sanctions on Russia, Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov stated at a press conference held in Moscow on the 24th that the sanctions imposed by Canada on Russia are illegal. Will respond accordingly.

  On the 24th, Canada announced that it would impose sanctions on Russia due to the Navalny incident. The targets of the sanctions included 9 high-level officials including the Director of the Russian Security Service.

Prior to this, the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on Russia over the Navaline incident.

  According to "Russia", quoting Slutsky, chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament), that the sanctions imposed by Canada on Russia are "futility" and groundless, and Russia will not fail to respond. .

  Slutsky emphasized that Canada's sanctions list against Russian personnel is actually a duplicate of the United States.

Sanctions are one of the means to contain Russia and interfere in Russia's sovereign affairs.

Russia's response will be reciprocal.

  Navalny is a well-known Russian opposition figure.

He suddenly fell into a coma on the way to Moscow last year, suspected of being poisoned, and then the plane made an emergency landing in Omsk.

The local doctor said that no trace of poison was found in Navari's body.

Navalny was later taken by a special plane to a hospital in Berlin, Germany for treatment.

During the treatment, laboratories in Germany, France, Sweden and other countries confirmed that Navalny had been attacked by "Novijok" nerve agents.

In this regard, the Russian side denied it.

  Since then, Navaline, who is in Germany, said that he will return to Russia on January 17 this year.

After Navalny arrived at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport on the 17th, he was detained for multiple violations of probation regulations.