Hear Anders Mases, vice chairman of the Teachers' Association in Borås, why he thinks it is important that distance education continues.

The current recommendations are valid until April 18, after which they will be reconsidered and assessed according to the current infection situation.

- As soon as it turns around, we will of course change our recommendation, we want as many as possible to be able to go to school, says Thomas Wahlberg.

At the region's press conference on Wednesday, Thomas Wahlberg said that the spread of infection is currently increasing in the region, just like the number of patients and the number of hospitalized.

And more and more young people are falling ill with covid-19.

- We are in a worrying situation right now, we must do everything we can to reduce the spread of infection and we therefore do not change the recommendation for distance education, says Thomas Wahlberg.

"Too early to go back"

The teachers' union in Borås shares the region's image and thinks it is too early to return to teaching as usual in upper secondary school.

And Anders Mases, vice chairman of the Teachers' Association in Borås, believes that it must be safe to go back to school.

- If there is one thing we know, it is how important the school is, but it is also important with healthy teachers, so that the pandemic does not come to school, says Anders Mases.

- Maybe it's time to prioritize teachers in vaccination, he says.