Some 400 people were present to pay a final tribute to Magali Blandin during her funeral.

The 42-year-old mother was found lifeless less than a week ago.

She had disappeared in February without leaving a trace.

Her husband and his parents were indicted and remanded in custody for her murder.   


"Magali, you will always be present in our hearts."

Less than a week after the discovery of Magali Blandin's body, the latter was buried in Bain-de-Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine, Thursday, after a religious ceremony punctuated by interventions by the younger sister of the victim , Celine.

Almost 400 people attended this service, whether inside or outside the small local church.

Among them, relatives of the victim, friends, anonymous, but also former colleagues, like Laurent.

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"It's hard"

"It's hard, it's a bad thriller", comments at the microphone of Europe 1 the one who had also participated in the research of the body of this mother of four children.

A little further on, Jocelyn also came to pay tribute to this 42-year-old specialized educator.

"It is thanks to her that I am a telephone advisor today. She showed me the way forward."

"Magali was one of those educators who took us on vacation, when our parents did not necessarily have the means to do so," recalls Ella.

“It was important for us to be there” to support the family. 

Earlier in the day, Magali Blandin's family had a funeral notice published in the daily


, thanking "the many people who support her as well as all the investigators for their work". 


 The husband of Magali Blandin "coldly elaborated the assassination", according to the family lawyer

Magali Blandin's husband indicted and remanded in custody

Magali Blandin's husband, Jérôme Gaillard, was indicted for "attempted murder by spouse" for a first criminal project hatched at the end of 2020 and for "murder by spouse".

He is suspected of having killed his wife with a baseball bat.

The parents of Jérôme Gaillard, aged 72 and 75, were indicted for "complicity in attempted murder by spouse" and "complicity in murder by spouse".

All were remanded in custody.