• Shooting in Macerata, psychiatric report ordered on Traini

  • Macerata, face to face with the victims for Traini

  • Racist raid in Macerata, Traini in solitary confinement in prison


03 October 2018 "Sorry, I was wrong".

This was stated by Luca Traini, author of the gunshot raid against migrants in Macerata last February 3, during the trial with shortened rite (behind closed doors) in the Court of Assizes.

"I do not feel any racial hatred - he added reading sentences written on sheets - I wanted to do justice against pusher for the bombardment of news on widespread drug dealing also due to immigration: even my ex girlfriend was taking drugs. In prison I gained a new knowledge of the facts ".

 Luca Traini, 29, from Tolentino, wounded six black citizens on February 3 to avenge the death of Pamela Mastropietro, which took place a few days earlier.

The trial of Traini before the Court of Assizes of Macerata, presided over by Claudio Bonifazi, takes place with the abbreviated procedure and, consequently, behind closed doors.

The 29-year-old is accused of massacre, attempted multiple murder and damage aggravated by racial hatred.

The first four hearings were dedicated above all to analyzing the mental health of the accused: "Able to understand and want" at the time of the raid and linked "to an emotional and passionate state", according to the accusation and the expertise of the court consultant , Massimo Picozzi;

suffering from "a bipolar disorder of the personality and with a compromised ability to understand and want", on the other hand, due to the biased report signed by the psychiatrist Giovanni Battista Camerini and partly confirmed by the specialists of the Piacenza prison, where the accused passed a period of observation, which speak of "emotionally unstable personality".

The responsibilities of Luca Traini are not in question: to the carabinieri who arrested him in Piazza della Vittoria, wrapped in the Italian flag, at the end of the xenophobic raid that sowed terror in the streets of the center of Macerata, and to the prosecutor Giovanni Giorgio, who he questioned admitted shooting for revenge.

He was angry with those who had sold drugs to Pamela, the 19-year-old Roman whose body was torn to pieces and abandoned in the industrial area of ​​Pollenza.

The Nigerian Innocent Oseghale is in prison for that murder, with very heavy charges.