Magdeburg (dpa / sa) - A team of scientists from the University of Magdeburg wants to investigate the safe use of discarded batteries in electric cars.

A second life cycle as energy storage in wind and solar parks or buildings with photovoltaic systems is to be made possible, as the university announced on Wednesday.

Because handling lithium-ion batteries also involves dangers, accidents are artificially created and researched.

So far, for example, fires or explosions in connection with batteries for fire departments are still rare.

"From a sustainability perspective, these lithium-ion storage systems are extremely relevant for the energy transition in their second use as stationary storage," said project manager Ulrich Krause.

That's why the team wants to investigate their behavior on a test site.

"The primary goal of our research is to be able to operate such energy storage systems safely and reliably in the future."

According to the information, the project is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with almost 1.2 million euros.

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