Lena Vedin has pain in the body and has been diagnosed with EDS, Ehlers Danios Syndrome with symptoms such as fatigue, aches and gastrointestinal problems.

- After a lot of work and appeal, I have a companion today and full sick pay.

But that whole process has made me sicker.

I even had a doctor who was a doctor in health insurance medicine, but they did not even believe him.

Lena has previously worked in the travel industry, in healthcare and as a saleswoman.

When the social insurance office rejects an application, it is often because they judge that the person can go back to work or can take another job.

How do you look at it?

- I want to work, but I will be completely exhausted for nothing.

If you cannot work, the sickness benefit is necessary for us patients to get well.

We do not get well because they say no.

How do you get well if you do not manage your finances?

Hear Lena's thoughts in the clip