The house in flames, in Gigean -

Gendarmerie de l'Hérault

During the night from Friday to Saturday, an elderly couple was saved from their burning house by three gendarmes, in Gigean (Hérault).

The soldiers, from the Poussan motorway platoon, noticed smoke on the road, as they left to lend a hand to colleagues on an intervention.

The soldiers were quick to see a house, the roof of which was on fire.

They then notice that a car is parked near this house, suggesting that it is inhabited.

"After several minutes of waiting, and ready to break the door to make sure that no one is there", relate the services of the gendarmerie, a septuagenarian opens them, indicating to the soldiers that his wife is lying in the room. bedroom.

Asleep, they hadn't noticed that their house was on fire.

The fire has been brought under control

The gendarmes extracted the couple and their pets from the house, and were able to recover several personal effects, including a handbag, a telephone and jewelry.

Alerted by the occupier that oil cans were inside, the soldiers also took them out and cut off the gas, continues the gendarmerie.

The three gendarmes were joined by colleagues, and by the firefighters, who were able to contain the fire that ravaged this house.

Its origin is unknown.

The elderly were taken care of by the emergency services.


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