Why have the new Corona virus "Covid-19" infections increased again in many countries of the world?

And what is the cheap blood fluid that reduces corona deaths?

Is there a relationship between Corona and global Freemasonry?

Answers are in this report.

We start with the numbers of injuries, in the past weeks many countries of the world have witnessed an increase in the number of cases in Corona, after having witnessed a decrease, with the vaccination campaigns that are estimated to have reached so far that more than 430 million vaccine doses have been given globally.

There are possible reasons for the resurgence of Corona injuries, including:

  • The easing of restrictions in some countries of the world, which led to the exit and mixing of large numbers of people, and provided an environment for the spread of infection.

  • The emergence of new strains of "Covid-19", which studies indicate that some of them are more capable of infection, so the chance of spreading these strains is higher.

  • Feeling relaxed and then neglectful of preventive measures, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Nevertheless, the truth is that even with vaccination campaigns, masks and spacing standards should be adhered to, and even people who received vaccinations must continue with these procedures.

Cheap blood thinner reduces corona deaths

George Washington University researchers have concluded that low-dose aspirin may reduce the need for mechanical ventilation, ICU admission, and the in-hospital mortality rate for Covid-19 patients.

The study is published in the Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia.

Jonathan Chow, professor of anesthesiology and critical care and director of the Anesthesiology Fellowship in Critical Care at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at George Washington University, said, "As we learned about the relationship between blood clots and (Covid-19), we learned that aspirin - used to prevent stroke and heart attacks - It could be important for (Covid-19) patients. "

The study included more than 400 patients from March to July 2020 in several hospitals in the United States.

The researchers found that aspirin use was associated with a reduced risk of mechanical ventilation (a 44 percent decrease), admission to the ICU (a reduction of 43 percent), and in-hospital deaths (a 47 percent decrease).

"Aspirin is low-cost, easy to access, and millions of people are already using it to treat their health conditions," Zhao said.

This study is specialized, and is for general guidance and information.

Do not take aspirin without consulting a doctor.

Infograph: What is the risk of stroke in those who received the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine?

(The island)

Suspicions about Corona vaccines

In a video he posted on his Facebook page, and also on YouTube, under the title "Suspicions about Corona Vaccines," the director of the King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan, Dr. Asim Mansour, denounced many of the inaccuracies.

From what the doctor said in the video:

  • So far, all studies prove that these vaccines are safe.

  • There is no sober institution in any country in the world, nor is there a respectable scientist against vaccinations.

  • These vaccines have proven effective and safe, so we should not turn to the rumors.

  • For the AstraZeneca vaccine, the numbers indicate that there is no relationship between the vaccine and the clots.

  • Regarding the subject of conspiracy theory, global Freemasonry and Bill Gates, the doctor said, "Trust me, brothers, that if one of us is infected with this disease, it will not affect global Freemasonry, nor the governments and committees that rule the world, all this is between double, because these have already received the Corona vaccination."