Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) - In North Rhine-Westphalia, more apartments are approved again.

In the Corona year 2020, the building authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia approved the construction of 61 592 new apartments.

This is the highest value since 2016 (66 555).

As the State Statistical Office (IT.NRW) announced on Monday, according to preliminary results, 4,339 or 7.6 percent more building permits have been issued than in 2019 (57,253).

Accordingly, the number of apartments in new buildings rose by 8.0 percent, the number of newly built apartments in existing buildings grew by 4.2 percent.

In contrast, the permits for new single-family houses fell slightly compared to 2019 by 4.2 percent to 12,940 (2020).

According to IT.NRW, two-family houses rose by 8.3 percent to 3,876 apartments, while buildings with three or more apartments rose by 9.9 percent to 34,442 new apartments.

The permits for the construction of apartments in dormitories have more than doubled, from 1059 (2019) to 2405 in the previous year.

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