The Wall Street Journal, a leading U.S. newspaper, said the Chinese government could leak security-related information through cameras installed in Tesla's electric vehicles in the United States, and government officials said that the car was used by government officials. I told you that I am limiting.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the 19th that the Chinese government has restricted the use of Tesla's electric vehicles, according to information from Chinese officials and others.

As a result of investigating Tesla's car by the Chinese government, it became clear that the sensor and camera mounted on the car can record the surroundings and that the personal information of the user can be obtained.

On top of that, he told some government agencies, such as the military, not to let employees use Tesla's car, saying that security-related information could be leaked.

Tesla is expanding sales of electric vehicles in China, including building a production plant in Shanghai.

As the conflict with China continues, the United States continues to tighten on high-tech companies, such as removing China's Huawei communication equipment from the domestic communication network as it poses a security threat, and the relationship between the two countries is foreseen. The situation that does not allow is likely to continue.