Foreign Minister Motegi explained at the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee that the United States is aiming to deploy ground-launched intermediate-range missiles in Asia, and that no allies, including Japan, have been consulted for deployment. ..

In this, Foreign Minister Mogi said in connection with the US's request to China to stop pressure on Taiwan, "I hope that the issues surrounding Taiwan will be peacefully resolved through direct dialogue between the parties. In the previous "2 Plus 2", we agreed on the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. It was the first time in 10 years that the word "Taiwan" was included in the outcome document, which itself became a big signal. I have. "

In addition, while the United States was asked about the possibility of deploying ground-launched intermediate-range missiles in Asia, including Japan, for the purpose of preparing for a Taiwan emergency, "The United States said,'We are not in a situation to deploy immediately, and concretely. We haven't considered where to deploy it, and we haven't consulted with any of our allies regarding its acceptance or deployment. "