Democratic Party candidate Park Young-sun, mayor of Seoul, pledged to provide disaster support.

As soon as the mayor becomes the mayor, I will give a consolation money of 100,000 won per person in Seoul.

There were criticisms from the opposition party that they were throwing cash again.

Next is reporter Jeong-Hyun Jung.


Democratic candidate Park Young-seon said, "I've been troubled for more than a week", is a pledge of universal disaster support to pay 100,000 won each to all citizens of Seoul.

[Park Young-sun/Democratic Mayor of Seoul Candidate: With the approval of the Mayor of Seoul No. 1, 100,000 won per person per person will be paid to KS Seoul digital currency based on blockchain...

.] Because it

is based on a blockchain, it is possible to analyze where the money is spent, and it is helpful in establishing economic policies.

Candidate Park explained that the budget is about 1 trillion won, but it is possible because the city of Seoul has a surplus of 1,3153 billion won in financial resources.

The announcement of the pledge and the site visit were left to Park, and the ruling party leadership began to beat the opposition candidate.

[Kim Tae-nyeon/Democratic Party Representative's Representative Office: (Naegok-dong))


Regarding the request for disciplinary action by former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon incident victims of the election camp officials who used the term'affected person', following Rep. Koh Kohn Jung-jeong, Rep. Jin Seon-mi and Nam In-soon stepped down from the camp position one after another.

Candidate Park wrote on social media, "If it can be healed like this, the lawmaker asks me if I should do it as soon as possible."

The people's strength was called the'three victims', and he said, "Is it uncomfortable to remove a nameplate from the camp?"

Regarding Candidate Park's condolence money pledge, the Justice Party shot out a "immediate ticketing pledge".

(Video coverage: Jung Sang-bo, video editing: Yumira)