In a poll by the Cabinet Office on climate change, a total of 70 people answered that they "knew" and "knew only the words" about a "decarbonized society" that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero. It became close to%.

From November to December last year, the Cabinet Office conducted an opinion poll by mail to 3,000 men and women aged 18 and over nationwide in order to understand the public awareness of climate change, and received responses from 1,767, or 59%. I got it.

In this, Prime Minister Suga expressed his intention to realize a "decarbonized society" by saying, "By 2050, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero as a whole" in a statement of belief in October last year. After explaining that, I asked if he knew about the "decarbonized society."

As a result, 33% answered "I knew", 35% answered "I knew only the words", and 31% answered "I didn't know".

By age group, "I knew" and "I knew only the words" were 70% or older, but the total was about 80%, while it was about 45% for those under 30 years old, and the younger the generation, the lower the recognition. It became a trend.

Regarding efforts toward the realization of a "decarbonized society," 25% said they would like to work positively and 67% said they would like to work to some extent.

A person in charge of the Ministry of the Environment said, "Although the interest is high as a whole, the awareness of the younger generation is low, so I would like to work to raise awareness."