There is a big difference between the healthcare regions when it comes to extra covid compensation to the healthcare staff.

- I think they could give more considering how hard we have worked, says infection nurse Ida Lindbäck in Umeå.

SVT has asked all 21 regions if they have given any extra covid compensation to the staff in addition to the salary in 2020. The answers show that there are large differences, from a few hundred bucks to thousands of kronor.

- It felt a bit like a mockery, as if they never set foot in a department and saw how hard we work.

All of us who work here deserve much more, says Ida Lindbäck who received a gift card of SEK 400.

"A nice gesture"

Nurse colleague Anna Hedman in Falun received several thousand kronor in various benefits.

- The biggest positive effect is that we have got more staff, says Anna Hedman.

And it's a nice gesture towards the staff during this increased workload.

Listen to Ida Lindbäck and Anna Hedman in the video.