China News Service, March 18, according to Malaysia’s Sin Chew Daily, “I just received the Sinovac (Kexing) vaccine. I feel very good. My Chinese has suddenly become better." After being vaccinated with China’s Kexing new crown vaccine , Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Carey uploaded a video on his social media account on the 18th, telling people in Chinese that the vaccine is safe.

He also teased that his Chinese became better after he was vaccinated in China.

Image source: Screenshot of Kaili's social media account

  On March 18th, Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Carey wrote on the social media “Twitter”: “Hello everyone. I just got the Sinovac vaccine. I want to say that it is safe. I am. It feels good. Chinese has suddenly improved. No matter which vaccine it is, it is safe. Let us defeat the virus together. Protect ourselves, protect everyone!"

  The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia confirmed on March 15 local time that the first batch of China Kexing finished vaccines had arrived in Malaysia on the same day.

  According to reports, this batch of vaccines will be vaccinated in Malaysia on the 18th.

The next batch of Kexing vaccine is expected to arrive in the country on the 22nd of this month.