In Italy, the transmission of mutated viruses has spread, and as of mid-last month, the proportion of mutated viruses confirmed in the United Kingdom among newly infected persons reached 54%, and the proportion of mutated viruses confirmed in Brazil Is 4.3%.

Draghi said on the 12th of this month that he was "faced with a new wave of infection", and from the 15th, the "red zone" where the number of infected people exceeds 250 per 100,000 is the most serious. Designated as, and tightened regulations.

Of the 20 states nationwide, 10 are covered, including Lazio, where the capital Rome is located, and Lombardy, where Milan is located.

In addition to the curfew already introduced in these areas, going out during the day is restricted as in last spring, and restaurants and most retail stores are basically banned from school. Are all closed.

In addition, the same strict regulations will be enforced in all regions except Sardinia in the west from the 3rd to the 5th of next month to coincide with the Christian Easter and Easter holidays.

The Italian government has set March 18 as a memorial day for the victims of the new coronavirus, and Draghi held a ceremony last year in Bergamo, one of the most severely infected cities in the north, in Lombardy. I attended.

To date, more than 103,000 people have died in Italy, the second highest in Europe after the United Kingdom.