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Macabre discovery.

This Sunday, in an apartment in the 15th arrondissement, the lifeless body of a woman was found.

This 68-year-old woman looked after her son's dog, a Malinois shepherd.

Investigators and doctors are wondering about the role played by the dog in this drama, reveals Le Parisien.

“There are some doubts, a source close to the investigation indicates on a daily basis.

One of the doctors at Samu considered that there was not enough blood to attribute the death to the only dog.

We are awaiting the results of the autopsy.


"Strange behavior"

The son of the victim, "in a state of astonishment" and who according to witnesses "had a strange behavior", was not placed in custody but left free, after notice of the Paris prosecutor's office, underlines Le Parisien.

He will be auditioned this Tuesday.

“We can ask questions, adds a police source.

The dog had already bitten the victim, but the mother had not wanted to press charges against her son.

In this matter, we must be careful.

The investigation entrusted to the 15th arrondissement police station is continuing.


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