Investigation and assessment of children with a language disorder takes place at the region's hospitals in the county.

But the municipalities must be responsible for the treatment.

Since there is no statutory requirement for who should perform the treatment, it looks very different in the county's municipalities.

Shorter time for treatment

Only Örebro, Kumla and Nora have their own, employed speech therapists who are specialists in language, speech and voice problems.

And in Nora you see that the need only increases.

- Thanks to the speech therapist, we can previously invest resources where required and shorten the time between discovery and treatment, says Anders Forsberg who is the principal at Järntorgsskolan.

Here we also have a special language group with children who need a lot of support.

Different solutions in different municipalities

There is a lot of talk about dyslexia in the school world, but Anders Forsberg thinks that one should talk more about the combination of dyslexia and language disorder.

- We often see that they belong together but that they require different treatment.

Language disorders require a lot of training, while dyslexics can get good help from digital aids.

In other municipalities, special educators are responsible for language training, some municipalities have speech educators who are teachers with a 1-year supplementary education, while other municipalities simply share the training among curators and nurses in student health.