China News Service, March 15 According to US media reports on the 14th, the US Capitol Police plans to reduce the fence around the Capitol and is considering reducing the National Guard there.

Prior to this, some politicians criticized the excessive security measures of the Capitol.

  According to the report, the agency outlined these measures in an internal email, including the removal of the fence around the Capitol in the next two weeks, and the use of double-row bicycle racks outside some areas within a week. Establish barriers in between to give the police more time to respond effectively.

On January 8, local time, a black iron fence about 2 meters high was set up around the U.S. Capitol, and the National Guard was also patrolling the surrounding area to strengthen security.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sha Hanting

  The Capitol Police stated that there is no known credible threat to Congress or the Capitol.

If officials learn of new threats, the plan may change.

The email also pointed out that about two to three weeks after the outer fence is removed, the Congressional Police will reassess the situation and may reduce the support of the National Guard.

  However, the email also stated that the congressional police still believe that they are operating in a highly threatened environment due to the political climate and the rise of domestic violent extremism.

  According to previous reports, the Capitol was violently attacked by supporters of then President Trump on January 6, and 5 people were killed.

In order to ensure that the inauguration ceremony of current President Biden is held safely, the federal government mobilized a large number of National Guard members from various states to deploy to various places in Washington.

  On March 9, local time, the US Department of Defense stated that in view of the threat of violence, Secretary of Defense Austin had approved the extension of the National Guard’s deployment time in the Capitol for about two months until May 23.

Nearly 2,300 National Guard officers and soldiers will continue to be stationed in Washington, working with the Capitol Police, and the number will be gradually and reasonably reduced based on the threat situation.

  US Senate Minority Leader McConnell has previously stated that he is “extremely disturbed” by the continued high security measures of the US Capitol, and Congress is not currently under serious threat.