Berlin (dpa) - The AfD federal chairwoman Alice Weidel has described the result of your party in Baden-Württemberg as solid.

She explained the losses on Sunday with the lack of election campaign opportunities due to the corona pandemic, but also with the dispute over a possible observation of the AfD by the constitution protection.

"We live from the fact that we are directly involved in the voters, we couldn't do that," said Weidel, who is also the AfD country manager, in the ARD.

"Then the protection of the constitution was hounded on us in a completely unlawful way, I really have to say that so drastically to put us in a certain corner here too."

The dispute is about a possible classification as a right-wing extremist suspected case.

According to a decision by the Cologne Administrative Court, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) is initially not allowed to classify and observe the AfD in this way.


In the election in Baden-Württemberg, after an initial ARD projection of 15.1 percent in the last election, the AfD slumped to 11.8 percent.

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