Thierry Rupert (in orange) in the Le Mans jersey during a Euroleague match in 2010. -

JF.Monier / AFP

The responsibility of the CHU de Tours was indeed involved in the death of Thierry Rupert, professional basketball player who died on February 10, 2013 at the Le Mans hospital center.

This is what the Nantes administrative court of appeal concluded in a judgment of January 22 spotted by

La Nouvelle République


Aged 35, Thierry Rupert had suffered a cardiac accident then had been plunged into a coma following a surgical operation carried out on July 9, 2012 at the University Hospital of Tours.

The hospital is accused of having administered Thiopental to the patient.

The administration of this anesthetic product was “contraindicated because it represented a factor of aggravation of the respiratory insufficiency and therefore of the cerebral anoxia of which the patient was reached, at the origin of the neurovegetative state in which he was found until his death, ”reports the administrative court of appeal.

An allowance of 20,000 euros to the family

The Tours University Hospital will have to pay the sum of 20,000 euros to Thierry Rupert's wife and his children.

The victim's companion demanded nearly 430,000 euros.

The Tours hospital was sentenced at first instance, on January 10, 2019, by the administrative court of Orleans, to pay 17,000 euros.

Thierry Rupert has had 35 selections for the French team, with whom he notably played in Euro-2003 (4th).

He played in the biggest French clubs: Antibes, Limoges, Paris, Strasbourg, Pau-Orthez, Chalon-sur-Saône, Le Mans, Rouen and Dijon.

Her children are now playing basketball.


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