According to the analysis of the Elections Research Group, the state elections in Baden-Württemberg have shown that the Greens have long since arrived in the political center in this state.

The support from now large sections of the population is based on very good grades for their government work and their party reputation.

In addition, the outstanding factor is their top candidate: Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, to whom 80 percent of all Baden-Württemberg residents certify a good job, embodies the ideal typical father like no other.

The 72-year-old enjoys a high reputation across all camps.

With an impressively high image value of 2.4 on the + 5 / -5 scale, 69 percent of all those questioned would like Kretschmann to be Prime Minister, including most of the CDU supporters (56 percent).

Only 14 percent are in favor of Susanne Eisenmann as head of government, who, with minus 0.2, has one of the worst reputations for CDU candidates in state elections.

In terms of their performance, the green-black government is doing very well in comparison with other state governments (1.5 on the + 5 / -5 scale).

Regarding the current account in the government, the Greens rarely have a good party reputation, which as a state party (1.7) is significantly higher than for the federal party (1.0).

Exactly the opposite is true for the CDU, which as a state party with 0.7 in Baden-Wuerttemberg is rated clearly worse than the federal party (1.1).

Good prerequisites for the Greens and bad ones for the CDU, since for 63 percent state politics were more important than federal politics for their voting decision.


Source: Infographic WORLD / Paul Daniel


Source: Infographic WORLD / Paul Daniel

In addition to the candidate, political work and reputation, an atypically high attribution of competencies is another success factor of the Greens: In alleged CDU core competencies such as business or education, the Greens are trusted as much as the CDU.

In addition to an overwhelming popularity in climate protection, the Greens also lead on the future and foreigners as well as the dominant topic Corona: Despite a lot of criticism of crisis management in vaccination progress or the schools, the Greens are considered the most competent party on the subject of Corona.

The SPD is only mentioned a little more frequently when it comes to education, transport and foreigners, otherwise it remains politically weak, just like the FDP or AfD.


Source: Infographic WORLD / Paul Daniel


Source: Infographic WORLD / Paul Daniel


Once again among the highly educated and particularly successful in large cities, the Greens are now the strongest party in all age groups and, in the group of voters aged 60 and over, which is more likely to participate, have a plus of seven percentage points to 35 percent.

The CDU has suffered somewhat more losses among voters under 45 years of age.

The AfD loses a lot of approval among the under 45-year-olds, conversely, the FDP wins here clearly above average.

The figures are based on a telephone survey by the Elections Research Group among 1154 randomly selected eligible voters in Baden-Württemberg in the week before the election and on the survey of 13,928 voters on election day.