In the first major seizure in 2021, it was carried out by the Jebel Ali Inspection Center

Dubai Customs foils an attempt to introduce 3 million Captagon pills

Dubai Customs has strengthened its achievements in protecting society from the dangers of drugs with distinguished control within the "safe homeland" campaign launched by the customs inspection sector to raise the readiness of its customs centers and achieve the best results in terms of inspections and inspections in order to limit the entry of all prohibited materials and prevent their entry into the country. Customs inspection officers at Jebel Ali Port were able to foil an attempt to introduce narcotic substances into a specific seizure of a large quantity of Captagon pills, totaling approximately 3 million pills.

  The Maritime Customs Centers Administration has succeeded in implementing this quality control thanks to the vigilance and efficiency of the customs inspection officers in Jebel Ali and the available technical devices, and in cooperation and coordination with the concerned customs and security departments, all of which have actively participated in achieving this achievement. To monitor customs ports by collecting, studying and analyzing all available data, where the container suspected of containing narcotic substances was identified and targeted and classified as a high-risk shipment and upon the arrival of the container, a number of customs inspection officers at the Jebel Ali Port Inspection Center began with the Siyaj team to implement the inspection procedures with the support of the technical support team. The target container was examined using the customs dogs unit (K9) and the content of the container was inspected, as customs inspection officers were able to find large quantities of narcotic substances that were hidden in the container using modern technical methods of camouflage, but Dubai Customs inspectors with their high skills were able to detect it upon conducting the initial examination of these The materials, through the technical devices of the Dubai Customs mobile laboratory, show that these materials are kernels

With a crown.

Youssef Al-Hashemi, Director of the Maritime Customs Centers Department, said: “The seizures that are carried out by the marine customs centers within the framework of the“ Safe Homeland ”campaign aim to raise the level of customs centers’ capabilities to carry out their duties in facilitating trade and protecting society to the fullest. Thwarting smuggling attempts with high efficiency despite the camouflage methods used to hide smuggled materials, as customs inspectors have the skills and capabilities that qualify them to discover narcotic substances and prohibited substances using modern technical devices, including radiation scanning devices and the customs dogs unit (K9), what we can move to more stages Progress in our efforts aimed at preventing the entry of narcotic substances through the border crossings. "

He explained that the Maritime Customs Centers Administration is keen to ensure that its centers are fully prepared despite the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic, as customs centers follow all precautionary measures to protect inspectors, employees and dealers from the pandemic with the utmost vigilance in following up work in terms of inspection and inspection operations and in the field of completing customs transactions for dealers without Delay to enable them to overcome the challenges of COVID-19.

For his part, Ahmed Jumaa Al-Jamri, Senior Director of the Jebel Ali Port Inspection Center and Tecom said: “We are applying strict plans and procedures to discover narcotic substances using the latest devices. We were able to raise the efficiency of inspectors to the highest levels through specialized training courses aimed at familiarizing the inspectors with the latest international practices that contribute to conveying a message to smugglers that Dubai Customs stands as an impenetrable barrier in protecting society.

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