United States: Chinese Xiaomi must be temporarily removed from the blacklist

Smartphone maker Xiaomi has been blacklisted in the USA.

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The Chinese Xiaomi, the world's third largest maker of “smartphones”, must be temporarily removed from a Washington blacklist.

The Trump administration had placed him there just six days before the end of the former president's term.

For the court of the American federal capital, this decision was abusive.


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Xiaomi had been 

placed on their blacklist

, without the American Secretariats for Defense and the Treasury having demonstrated that the interests of national security were at stake. This was the opinion of the judge who immediately ordered to remove the Chinese manufacturer from this list, at least temporarily.

It is now forbidden to qualify the company as a “ 

Chinese Communist military company


And American investors who wish to buy the shares of the Chinese group can do so.

Huawei, threat to national security

The judge's decision comes as another Chinese giant, Huawei, has just been classified as a national security threat again.

According to the US telecoms regulator,


is still a risk, as are OEM ZTE, radio communications group Hytera Communications, as well as two manufacturers in the video surveillance industry.

Prohibition on supplying semiconductors

This decision shower the hopes of the boss of Huawei, who hoped the new administration Biden more openness.

Sanctions affecting Huawei also prohibit US companies from supplying it with components produced in the United States, including semiconductors.


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