In Mexico, a mother in her thirties who had been paid'raising expenses' from her 12-year-old son was arrested by the police.

On the 7th local time, foreign media including Eraldo de Mexico reported that 33-year-old Adriana was arrested by the police for failing to fulfill her parental responsibility.

Adriana is said to have been demanding money from her 12-year-old son for four years, and was recently expelled from the house for not paying the money.

According to police, Adriana charged her son 350 pesos (about 19,000 won) per month.

We received money for each item, such as rent, bed fee, water price, and fork and spoon fee, and when we exceeded the basic number of times, we received an additional fee.

As a result, my son has been selling orange juice on the street since he was eight years old in order to pay for the'raising price'.

Then, when she couldn't pay due to her recent lack of income, Adriana fervently expelled her son from the house.

When the son, who had nowhere to go, visited the neighbor and asked him to sleep for one night, the neighbor took him back to his mother, but the only thing that came back was the mother's anger.

Adriana threw documents such as his son's birth certificate to a neighbor, saying, "If the child is so poor, I will give it as a gift, so bring it up."

Only then, a neighbor who found out what he was trying to do, called the police, and the police arrested Adriana for having abandoned her child.

The son is now known to be being cared for in a facility separate from the family.

The police said, "I think my son's abusive wounds are so deep that he needs psychological treatment."

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