The idea was that all Västerbotten residents would be vaccinated by the end of June.

But the vaccination plan was based on the county receiving all the vaccines that had been promised in advance.

Yesterday, Astra Zeneca announced that it will halve its vaccine deliveries to the EU during the second quarter.

This means that the vaccination plan in Västerbotten is breaking down.

- It will simply be a longer process, each phase will take longer, says Ronny Lestander.

Review the vaccination plan

The vaccination plan will now be reviewed.

At the beginning of next week, a new one will be ready.

- We also have the problem with Astra's vaccine that the dose intervals are ten weeks.

All doses given after mid-April will be the second dose after the end of June.

No matter how we twist and turn this, we will not be ready until later this summer.

- It is not possible to lie about mathematics.

The rescue could be, for example, Johnson and Johnson's vaccine, which requires only one dose.

- There may be solutions that make us have time anyway, but it is not something we know today, says the vaccine coordinator.

Being belittled: "People want vaccines now"

Sweden's vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström says that a solution could be to only give a dose of vaccine to people who have already had covid-19, but Lestander does not buy that idea.

- We have a pretty bad idea of ​​who had it.

In that case, we have to do tests on people to determine who has been ill, and that in itself is a large and time-consuming project.

I think Richard Bergström is groping for straws.

Lestander also appeals to the people of Västerbotten to sit quietly in the boat and wait their turn.

- The activities are being reduced by people who want their vaccine now.

People get upset when we can not offer an appointment immediately.

We do not have more vaccines and can not vaccinate faster than we do right now.

But no one needs to worry about missing their chance, he says.