China's new car sales last month saw a significant 4.6-fold increase over the same month last year, which was hit by the spread of the new coronavirus, confirming the economic recovery.

According to the announcement by the China Automobile Manufacturers Association, which is made by automobile manufacturers, the number of new cars sold in China last month was 1,455,000.

Compared to the same month last year, when sales fell due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a significant increase of about 4.6 times confirmed the economic recovery.

Of these, passenger cars accounted for 1,156,000 units, more than five times, and commercial vehicles such as trucks accounted for 299,000 units, an increase of approximately 3.4 times.

New car sales in China have been declining due to the spread of the infection, and have continued to recover since April last year, surpassing the previous year for 11 consecutive months.

However, the number of passenger cars sold this month is still declining compared to the average, so industry groups say that the market is recovering.

On the other hand, regarding the impact of the global shortage of semiconductors, industry groups said, "In the first quarter from January to March, automobile production may decrease by about 5% to 10%, but the impact is It will be eased in the second quarter and will remain short-term. "