Strasbourg on February 11, 2015. Exercise of the Bas-Rhin firefighters.


Gilles Varela

The fire that broke out overnight in Strasbourg on the site of the OVHcloud company, specializing in computer servers, was "contained" around 7 am, announces the Bas-Rhin prefecture.

The prefecture indicates that the “data-center” site was not classified Seveso, contrary to what could be announced at first.

An uninhabited industrial sector of the autonomous port of Strasbourg (PAS) but which has several Seveso sites.

The city of Strasbourg indicates for its part that "according to the first measurements carried out on the spot, the fire of the night does not present a danger for the population", and this in spite of the importance of the fumes given off by the fire.

No casualties

As a reminder, the fire broke out around one in the morning in the Rhine port district in Strasbourg and required significant rescue resources.

"Operational resources have also been mobilized by the German authorities", further specifies the prefecture.

No casualties are to be deplored but the prefecture asks residents not to approach the area of ​​the disaster.

Only part of the site was destroyed in the fire.


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