Railway manager ProRail immediately takes measures at 28 unguarded level crossings, because they are too dangerous.

This emerged in an investigation that ProRail and the Dutch Railways conducted after the fatal collision between a train and an agricultural vehicle in Hooghalen in Drenthe.

The investigation showed that heavy traffic needs more time to cross these unguarded level crossings than ProRail initially assumed.

Because of this new insight, the railway manager has designated 137 of the total of 277 unguarded level crossings as potentially risky.

At 28 level crossings, the risk is so great that immediate measures are taken.

Six crossings will be closed urgently and at four crossings trains are allowed to pass at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

In the coming weeks, ProRail will perform an extra safety check for another seventeen transitions without barriers or flashing lights to prepare a maximum speed for trains there too.

Possible measures at 109 other unguarded level crossings will be discussed in the near future.

In the accident in Hooghalen in May last year, a 58-year-old train driver was killed when the train collided with a heavy agricultural vehicle at a level crossing.

Two passengers were slightly injured.

Recently, things went wrong in Wijster in Drenthe, where a woman was killed on 12 January.

And in the Overijssel town of Zenderen, a driver of a delivery van died last week in a collision on an unguarded railway crossing.