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German border region says it is facing additional infections by Dutch

Residents of the German areas bordering the Netherlands say they are troubled by the "import" of the corona virus due to Dutch and Belgian visitors.

The number of corona infections is rising faster in these border regions than in the rest of Germany.

The regional authorities of the regions of Aachen, Viersen, Heinsberg, Cleves and Euskirchen are therefore asking Prime Minister Armin Laschet of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia to make additional vaccines available for the border regions as soon as possible.

These are regions bordering Belgium, Limburg and Gelderland.

But along the entire Dutch border, Germans are suffering from the import of the corona virus, according to regional officials.

They do emphasize that they want to keep the borders with the Netherlands open.

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House updated and last for elections in debate about corona

The House of Representatives will have a

debate on

Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. with outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Care Hugo de Jonge about the approach to the corona virus.

It is the last corona debate for next week's parliamentary elections.

The MPs will be briefed in advance by RIVM director Jaap van Dissel.

That technical briefing starts at 9.30 am.

The cabinet announced a few minor relaxation on Monday.

For example, children will soon be able to take swimming lessons again and there will be more space for large shops in particular.

The number of infections is still too high to let go of more measures.

The cabinet also wants to maintain the controversial curfew.

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Ask your question to RIVM boss Jaap van Dissel.

Do you want to know how long the third wave will last and whether vaccinations will make a difference?

Or do you want to know something completely different about the corona virus?

Then ask RIVM boss Jaap van Dissel himself this Wednesday.

You can ask your questions via our discussion platform NUjij 

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Parent company Thuisbezorgd remains loss-making despite corona

Just Eat Takeaway, the company behind the meal supplier Thuisbezorgd, recorded a loss of 151 million euros in the corona year 2020, 31 percent more than a year earlier.

Much of that is due to one-off costs for the Just Eat acquisition, which was completed in 2020.

Turnover went up 54 percent to 2.4 billion euros.





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Israel as fastest vaccinating country

Chile overtook Israel on Tuesday as the country where the most people per hundred inhabitants in the world were vaccinated against the corona virus in the past week.

The government of the Latin American country jubilantly delivered the news via Twitter.

"Today we have one more reason to be proud," said the Chilean government.

"Chile has taken first place in the world ranking of doses administered per hundred inhabitants."

The message was posted shortly after the vaccination data were published on the statistics site

Our World in Data


According to those statistics, an average of 1.08 out of 100 inhabitants in Chile was vaccinated every day in the past week.

In Israel it was 1.03 in 100 inhabitants.

In the South American country with about 18 million inhabitants, more than 4.1 million inhabitants have already received a first injection since the vaccination started in December.

That is more than 21 percent of the Chilean population.

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Oxfam: Rich countries stagnate vaccination campaign developing countries due to monopoly on vaccines

Most developing countries are unable to vaccinate their population, partly because pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly on the corona vaccine.

According to Oxfam Novib, rich countries are blocking a proposal in which more than a hundred developing countries argue for the temporary lifting of this monopoly.

The US, Great Britain and members of the EU, among others, defend the pharmaceutical companies.

They say the companies are entitled to the monopoly because they have invested a lot of money in the rapid development of the vaccine.

Also, developing countries would not have the ability to produce the vaccinations.

These are incorrect reasons, according to Esmé Berkhout, policy advisor at Oxfam Novib.

According to her, modern factories, even in poor countries, are indeed capable of making the vaccines.

In the coming days, poor countries will receive more corona vaccines from the COVAX program of the WHO health organization.

But according to Oxfam Novib, with the available amount of vaccines, only a maximum of one fifth of the population can be injected before the end of the year.

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More than 6,500 people available as reserve for healthcare

At present, 6,518 people are willing to help out in healthcare to combat the corona virus.

For the time being, they form the reserve that the cabinet is building up to be able to support healthcare personnel during the third corona wave and in the period after that, according to a letter from Minister Tamara van Ark (Medical Care) to the Lower House on Tuesday.

The formation of a national reserve for the healthcare sector is done at the request of the Lower House, which unanimously adopted a motion to this effect from the PVV and CDA.

With this, the House wants to respond to the shortage of staff in healthcare institutions, which is under considerable pressure in the corona crisis.

Reserve personnel must be able to intervene in the future in the event of a pandemic, disaster or terrorist attack.

Of the 6,518 people, 2,643 have a medical background, 1,049 are care students, 2,317 do not have a care background but want to help temporarily and 509 others also do not have a care background but are considering actually working in the care sector.

A quarter to a third of those with a medical background have more than 20 hours a week.

There is more time for people without a care background: 60 percent more than half a week.

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Pfizer and BioNTech can produce 3 billion doses next year

Pharmaceutical companies BioNTech and Pfizer, which jointly developed a corona vaccine, will have enough capacity to produce 3 billion doses from next year.

That says the German director of BioNTech in an interview with

Bloomberg on



Whether the company will actually produce that many vaccines depends, according to the CEO, on the demand from countries.

It is also not yet clear whether people should receive a booster, a vaccine with a lower dose, to stay protected.

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The most important corona news of Tuesday, March 9.


  • In the past week,


    registered 31,959 positive tests

    , about the same number as in the seven days before (31,984).

    In addition, considerably more people were tested: more than 360,000, compared to 317,000 in the previous week.

  • RIVM top woman Aura Timen

    says to NU.nl that she is 


     , but according to her, the "tipping point towards more possibilities" can still be delayed.

  • In the past 24 hours,

    4,333 positive corona tests have been registered

    at the RIVM


    That is less than the average of the past seven days (4,566).

  • For the second day in a row, the

    number of corona patients in hospitals has increased


    On Tuesday, 1,963 patients with COVID-19 were in hospital, 58 more than on Monday.

  • Since the start of the

    vaccination campaign


    more than 1.2 million Dutch people have received

     a first dose of the corona vaccine.

  • Travelers who


    by car

    from so-called high-risk areas will soon also have to be

     able to show

    a recent negative corona test

    , according to a letter to parliament and a bill.

  • In the

    corona year

    , the use of 

    party drugs such

     as ecstasy and amphetamine decreased significantly, according to research by the Trimbos institute.

  • About

    twenty thousand companies

    must jointly 


    290 million euros in wage support

    (NOW) to the UWV.

    This concerns support they have received over the period from March to May 2020. 


  • The 

    Ghent University


    six dogs

    trained to sniff or those with the coronavirus infected.

    The dogs would have noticed the virus 95 percent of the time.

  • Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson

     has informed the EU that the company is facing supply problems, a concerned EU official told Reuters news agency.

    The American pharmaceutical company would have said that the delivery of 55 million doses in the second quarter is not impossible, but would have been cautious.

  • The

    vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech also

    protects sufficiently against disease after infection with the Brazilian variant of the corona


    , according to the pharmaceuticals.

  • The 



    less than a thousand corona-related deaths

    within 24 hours

    for the first time since November 29

    , according to figures from Johns Hopkins University on Tuesday.

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