September 17, 2019. Font illustration.

Here police officers from Vénissieux, near Lyon.


E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

Two young women aged 21 and 23 will be judged this Wednesday afternoon in immediate appearance in Lyon.

They are being prosecuted for having violently beaten two police officers during the night from Monday to Tuesday.

One of them, injured in the shoulder and thumb, suffered a 14-day ITT, indicates the safety of the Rhône.

The facts occurred when the two agents were called for an intervention in a home, located avenue des Frères Lumière (8th).

There, they found a drunk and injured man standing in the common areas.

They then offered to take him home.

It was there that they met the two suspects, also heavily alcoholic.

The two suspects rushed on the police, insulting them, threatening them with death and hitting them repeatedly, said the Sûreté du Rhône.

However, they admitted the facts while in police custody.


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