The SP has always been a party of the opposition, but - if it is up to party leader Lilian Marijnissen - this time change must come.

Marijnissen tells what the party wants to fight for and what its ideal coalition would be.

"Ultimately you want everyone in the Netherlands to have an equal chance."

The SP fell sharply in the Provincial Council and European Parliament elections.

Will it be over or under?

"Well, on or below it suggests as if it were something definitive. I don't feel that way. I see a lot of opportunities because it is coming our way politically in many areas. For example in the areas of fairer wages, tackling rent increases and more. investing in safety and education and market forces in healthcare. These are all points that have been SP points for many years. A different way of thinking was always dominant there. And now you see more and more parties saying: there is something in it . "

But why doesn't success seem to be heading your way?

In the polls you stand at ten seats.

"Not to be silly, but it has to be shown on March 17th."

But an important spearhead of the SP is to stop market forces in healthcare and a higher salary for nurses.

During the corona crisis, all eyes are focused on this sector.

Then why aren't voters flocking to you now?

"As a SP, we get things done. Closing nursing homes was a really big mistake in our opinion. That is why we propose care community centers in our own neighborhood and you see that there is more and more support. But that is only in words. "

"This may make people think that the care of other parties is also in good hands, but I would also like to warn people in all fairness. Really do not fall for it. Take, for example, increasing the care salaries. We fought hard for it. Ultimately, our motion was passed, but you still have the CDA and VVD who are ignoring it. "

"But the point is: with Mark Rutte you get the VVD as a gift."

Lilian Marijnissen

But it must hurt that those changes in ideas do not lead to success for the SP?

"It is of course much more fun to campaign if you are in the polls on a big profit. But it will come our way, I am convinced. You see the change in so many areas, but I also understand that people now in the middle of a major corona crisis thinking: Mark Rutte has been there for ten years and we have to get through this crisis. But the point is: with Mark Rutte you get the VVD as a gift. "

"A number of our ideas are also taken over in word and that almost gives rise to the suggestion: well, we all agree. We are in a crisis, together we have our shoulders under it. I think that is really the greatest nonsense there is. Because pay attention: we will have a vaccinated country immediately and after that it will be about who will pay the bill. Well, you can bet that the political differences will be enormous. "

How many seats are you aiming for?

"I keep saying: profit. We now have fourteen, so everything above that is profit. I would think that would be super nice."

In the current polls, the SP is at ten.

Where are your potential voters?

"I think we are a broad party; you can also see that in our members: from shop employees to bus drivers and from engineers to professors. There are many people in the Netherlands who want it to be fairer."

Why then should they vote for the SP?

"Because I think that the SP can make a difference not only in ideas, but also in working method. An example is the benefits affair. We had a reporting point and it became clear that it was not just a small group of parents, but that the system many more parents. In addition to hotlines, we also offer free legal assistance to people. This is how we work together continuously. A large SP is the best guarantee that we will get out of this crisis socially. "

The SP has always been an opposition party.

Do you want to co-ordinate?

"Yes, we do."

That must then be done with the VVD.

"They are at the bottom of the list. I think it would be very good for the Netherlands if there would be a cabinet without the VVD."

Lilian Marijnissen (SP), Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) and Lodewijk Asscher (former PvdA leader) among thousands of shoes on the Malieveld during the National Care Action Day.

Lilian Marijnissen (SP), Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) and Lodewijk Asscher (former PvdA leader) among thousands of shoes on the Malieveld during the National Care Action Day.

Photo: ANP

What would your ideal coalition be?

"One that breaks with the policy of the past years. So that is breaking with the expansion of the dichotomy, breaking with the economic idea that everyone will do well if the top is doing well. means investing more in the public sector. If I were in charge, I would be the first to invite parties who want to do that with us. "

Which parties are they?

"Then you first look at the parties on the left: PvdA and GroenLinks. Of course, we regularly use this when it comes to important topics."

But did you get rid of an offer for a ballot box agreement by Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks)?

"I am very much in favor of working together on points on which we agree and on which we can make a fist. Think, for example, of not abolishing the dividend tax. I think that we have shown this in recent years. But also that we can cooperate on points with other parties, such as with the ChristenUnie on the regulation of labor migration, and with the CDA with the reopening of sheltered workshops. "

What would be a breaking point for the SP during a formation?

"I think that if you eventually want to form, you have to talk about everything. You cannot get your way 100 percent. But I cannot imagine participating in a cabinet that would not tackle inequality in the Netherlands."

Is that inequality the most important aspect for you?

"Yes. Ultimately, you want everyone in the Netherlands to have an equal chance. When you see that children grow up in a family where there is so little money that they cannot go to sports or cannot even go to school with a decent breakfast, I think so. don't fit in with a wealthy country like the Netherlands. "

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