(Two Sessions Observation) How to protect the "young you" in the digital age

  China News Service, Beijing, March 9th, title: How to protect the "young you" in the digital age

  China News Agency reporter Ma Xiuxiu

  "Myopia", "Internet resources are inconsistent", "Indulge in online games"... In the digital age, due to the lack of information screening ability and self-control, young people often face some impacts on their physical and mental health.

How to protect the "young you"?

This year's National Two Sessions, many representatives and committee members brought suggestions.

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Cross-border collaboration "eye protection"

  In recent years, the myopia rate of Chinese children and adolescents has remained high, and the trend of younger age and severer disease has become more and more obvious.

  Wu Minglan, a representative of the National People's Congress and a teacher of Liupanshui Experimental Primary School, found that one of the main reasons for the high myopia rate of primary and middle school students is the excessive use of electronic products.

  She suggested that from a legislative perspective, the excessive use of electronic products by children should be strictly regulated. In addition to the perspectives of technology vendors, operators, schools and families, it is also necessary to strictly crack down on places where students hide electronic products around schools.

  An Ting, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Beijing Xiken International Culture and Art (Group) Company, suggested that the Ministry of Education, the Health Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the State Administration of Market Supervision should strengthen the mechanism and capabilities of “cross-industry coordination” to address the future of electronic product display screens. The standards for adult vision protection are discussed and formulated, and in accordance with such standards, the supervision and law enforcement of related products will be strengthened.

  "The effective implementation of the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents is not only related to the quality of life of the majority of young people and children, but also related to the future and future of our country." He Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and president of Liaoning He Eye Hospital, believes that children and adolescents myopia prevention and control It is a long-term systematic project that requires continuous prevention and control with the strength and wisdom of the government, schools, families, and medical and health institutions to push this work further.

Legislation on online education

  The rapid development of online education has opened up more channels for young people to learn.

However, some platforms are not good for the quality of teachers and imply vulgar information, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of minors.

  "On the one hand, we should be happy to see the rapid development of online education, and on the other hand, we should also see the huge problems and hidden dangers in the rapid development process." Bai Yansong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said. The child may be the victim.

Therefore, online education should also establish rules and regulations and standardize its development.

  Niu Sanping, deputy to the National People's Congress, member of the Central Committee of the Peasants and Workers Party, and Dean of Shanxi Institute of Business and Technology, said that the rapid expansion of the online education market has brought about a series of problems, especially the impact on the ideology of young people, which has caused widespread heated discussions and concerns in the society.

He suggested legislation on online education to ensure that the development and governance of the online education industry have laws and regulations to follow.

  You Lizeng, a representative of the National People’s Congress and a teacher at Zhangjiakou No.1 Middle School, suggested that the cybersecurity and informatization and education departments strengthen supervision, improve the certification and access system of the online education industry, and prevent false advertisements, deceive and mislead consumers, and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the educated. Increase punishment.

  He also reminded that parents and teachers should strengthen the selection of platforms and strengthen the supervision of students. Once problems are found, they should report relevant violations and clues to the cybersecurity and informatization department.

Strict control of online games

  Indulging in online games is an inevitable problem that affects the physical and mental health of young people.

Li Yan, a representative of the National People's Congress and president of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, suggested strengthening the management and control of young people's addiction to online games.

For example, by restricting young people to download, install, and use time of online games to control.

  Li Jing, deputy to the National People's Congress and principal of Hubei Xiangyang Fourth Middle School, said that with the development and popularization of network technology, most young people will choose to obtain resources and seek help from the Internet when they encounter psychological problems.

  “However, the quality of network resources is uneven, and young people have limited ability to discern information and protect personal information. If guidance is not strengthened, it may be counterproductive.” In this regard, Li Jing suggested introducing relevant policies, increasing capital investment, and establishing an official platform for youth mental health education. Effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of young people.