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Migraine is one of the

20 most disabling diseases in the world

due to its incidence in the population.

This disease

affects just over 12% of the Spanish population

, especially women, which means that

more than five million citizens

suffer from it, making the disease the most prevalent neurological disease in our country, according to the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN).

Some suffer from them and others have only heard of them, but they know that this type of migraine manifests itself with

a persistent and high intensity headache

, usually accompanied by other symptoms such as

nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light


The word migraine comes from the Latin word hemicrania, which comes, in turn, from

the Greek term hemikrania, which refers to the middle (hemi) of the head (kranion

), the place where this pain is usually felt.

Triggering factors vary from person to person, but

light, movement, and noise often make the situation worse


If you aspire to tackle the problem and gain quality of life, it is important to recognize the triggers of the crises.

To increase the probability of success, it is useful to keep

a headache diary

in which the date of the headaches and other information such as the intensity of the pain, its impact on daily activities, other possible symptoms, as well as the medications administered are noted. .


Avoiding foods such as

preserves, chocolate, milk, aged cheese, and alcohol

can help keep migraines at bay, according to the experience of a good number of sufferers.

Conversely, ensuring

sufficient levels of vitamin B2 and magnesium

is another way to help prevent crises or spread them out over time.

However, each patient is a world and what works in some individuals does not work in others, so, once again,

personal self-knowledge is




routines in the schedule of meals and sleep

is important to pave the way, since variations can lead to migraine attacks, so it is advisable to follow regular hours,

sleep a minimum of seven hours a day

and follow a similar pattern in order to week.


The anxiety that some situations produce can open the box of thunder, so

the ideal thing is to stay calm

and it helps, without a doubt, the practice of sports and other relaxing activities.

As prevention is better than cure and it is always pleasant to enjoy periods of time to disconnect, it is worth

looking for times and places in which to withdraw and disconnect in

the way that best suits everyone.

However, if a cluster of factors has triggered a migraine again, it is best to

isolate yourself in a quiet place

, since noisy environments and penetrating odors can help trigger crises and do not help to overcome them either.

Those who suffer a migraine usually seek calm in a dark room and

lie down to avoid stimuli


It is desirable that these episodes do not return or take a long time to appear.

But, when in doubt, it is better to prepare and have previously tried some of the many options on the market to

relax parts of the body such as the head and eyes

and stay that way in the best way, avoid or soften those moments as much as possible.


Take care of your eyes by gently applying heat with

light pressurized air flows, which perform a vibratory massage

, while you can listen to music, if that is what you want at that time.

For this, the device has built-in

speakers and pre-recorded natural sounds

, which enhance relaxation.

There is also the option of connecting wirelessly to your favorite music to enjoy it at the same time as the massage.

This device exerts

light pressure on acupuncture points

and offers a user-selectable heat compression mode.

The thermal pads that it incorporates reach between 40 ° C and 42 ° C, a suitable temperature to

relieve fatigue, swelling and dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches


This massager helps to create a state of relaxation that facilitates and improves sleep.

Its rechargeable lithium battery and its

USB charging point

provide great portability, a quality that is enhanced thanks to its

foldable design

, which also makes it easy to take this massager to the office, to the plane or on the road.

You can buy it here for 69.99 euros.

ice gel

Another somewhat cheaper option is this pack of ice gel for migraines and other headaches, joint discomfort, tendinitis ... The compress stays cold for 30 minutes.

You can also heat it (you only need a microwave and 60 seconds).

It has more than 200 positive comments and many users say they use it to relieve migraines.

"The cold lasts for a long time once it is taken out of the freezer. The bandana

is super useful and has not lost elasticity

. Super recommended purchase !! Be careful, I especially use it for cold because I suffer from headaches and I injured my knee ago a year, "says one.

Buy it here for 18.90 euros.


This mini electric

scalp and body


is compact, making it easy to use at home, in the office, or when traveling.

This model is called Scalp Mini and it is equipped with 96 contacts that reproduce

six traditional massage techniques such

as longitudinal sliding, kneading, trigger point therapy and oscillating pressure.

The long-lasting

rechargeable battery

allows the electric massager to be recharged for one week use for 10 minutes a day.

The Scalp Mini is waterproof and therefore not only easy to clean, but

ideal for use in the shower or bath


The scalp massage heads are made of

food grade silica gel, which is gentle and does not irritate the skin.

The pressure of the massage stimulates blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth.

You can buy it here for 79 euros.


This brain massager can relieve pressure points around

the temples, head, eyes, scalp, and the back of the neck

, helping to release tension and reduce stress.

It is especially suitable for those who

work in front of a computer or read for a long time


Its combination of technology and traditional Chinese medicine simulates finger pressure massage, so that a combination of

kneading and vibration

is applied

to the head and eye areas to help relieve pressure on the scalp.

This appliance is designed to promote

blood circulation, strengthen pores, penetrate

effectively and improve the quality of dull hair.

It has

three massage functions

: deep, vibration and heating.

You can choose some or all at the same time.

The helmet has many other options and settings, including heating and music.

This device

is powered by a USB cable

from a computer, it can be connected to the


with an adapter or four AA-type batteries can be inserted.

You can buy it here for 153 euros.


Ten years after the success of the work

Migraine, a cerebral nightmare

, this new book aims to serve as practical support to face migraine attacks, accompanying the reader in the

advances and successes on pain and discomfort

and encouraging them to continue in the different setbacks and complications along the way.

Experts say that migraine is a

genetic brain disease, irreversible, and of origin not sufficiently clarified


To cope, they propose to lead an orderly life, identify and avoid triggers and put themselves in the hands of a neurologist, who will prescribe painkillers and, on occasions, preventive treatment.

For his part, the neurologist

Arturo Goicoechea

, author of the work we present, adds that migraine is a consequence of learning the neuroimmune system and, if it is learned,

it can also be "unlearned".

You can buy it here for 21 euros.


It only takes

10 minutes to stretch your neck and relieve tension


This device can be an option for those seeking better neck, back and shoulder health.

Place the hammock around any door, rail or pole, lean back, stretch your neck muscles, and say goodbye to the pain.

The product is

100% soft and breathable cotton

, which provides great comfort.

The hammock has

three adjustable position sponges

and with them you can enjoy relaxation, which increases levels if you also use the included sleeping mask.

You can use this set of tools after a long flight, in your hotel room, at lunchtime or at home,

after a busy day.

You can buy it here for 14.99 euros.


Are there times when you feel dizzy, heavy, or stressed?

Sometimes, before the headache appears,

the body launches warnings to make us see that we need to relax and rest


In these situations you can resort to techniques such as acupressure on the head, which facilitate devices like this one that we present.

This massager performs

eight types of vibration massage on acupuncture points

, which reproduce physical massages to help relax, relieve stress and clear the mind.

According to the manufacturer, its use can not only relieve headaches, but



improve the quality of sleep.

The helmet is designed to

adapt to the curve of the head

and its closure system adjusts to various skull sizes.

Also, this ally against migraine supports three types of power: AAA batteries, USB charging and connection with a transformer.

You can buy it here for 62.49 euros.


Suitable for whole body massages,

from neck to feet

, this device kneads and massages the head, relieving muscle fatigue and helping to relieve stress and fatigue.

This electric head massager is indicated for the

prevention of headaches, dizziness, hair loss, poor hair quality or difficulty falling asleep


The device is silent, despite its patence, and has a powerful motor and a long service life.

With a single button you can select three massage speeds:

slow, fast and reverse

and when you use it you will see that it is made of a soft material, polished and pleasant to the touch.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer or

hold the same posture for a long time

for whatever reason, you are a perfect candidate to try this device.

You can buy it here for 33.39 euros.


Gya Labs firm offers 10 milliliter bottles

of peppermint and lavender essential oil

to relieve migraine headaches.

It is a mixture of pure and natural essential oils, as well as one of the most sought-after combinations to combat headaches.

Essential oils are volatile substances present in vegetables, both in flowers, as well as in leaves, fruits, barks, seeds and roots.

They are extracted by distillation, steam or pressure

and applied to the skin, in this case the head, with small

circular movements on the temples, forehead and neck


Although migraine sufferers usually have a first-aid kit stocked with the appropriate drugs, it is also true that they should not be abused and that the use of these other types of products

when the first symptoms appear

sometimes manages to reduce the headache and its intensity.

You can buy it here for 17.99 euros.


Set of two relaxing masks

to apply heat or cold

, according to your needs.

Ester pair of gel pearl eye masks are an essential accessory for

beauty and relaxation routines


If you want to apply cold, you should

put the mask in the freezer

for a period of 30 to 60 minutes and then use it for 5 to 10 minutes.

You will find that it is ideal for reducing or alleviating

eye fatigue and tired and puffy eyes


If you prefer to put heat, you should

place the mask in hot water

at about 80 ° C for between four and six minutes or put it in the microwave for 30 seconds in a container full of water.

This device is adjustable for

facial perimeters between 28 and 43 centimeters

and suitable for a head circumference of maximum 66 centimeters.

As it does not completely cover the eyes, you can wear it

while you read, watch TV or take

a restorative nap.

You can buy it here for 10.99 euros.


This instrument promises to help sleep-deprived people fall asleep, while fighting migraine headaches.

The headband

does not vibrate and emits a light blue light

, which is intended to stimulate the

cranial nerves

and promote the secretion of



The product does not vibrate, it is placed on the forehead and the user only feels a kind of low current.

Endorphins are a chemical that the body secretes and

acts as a natural



modulating pain and producing well-being.

You can buy it here for 29.90 euros.


This little


uses the TSNS stimulation waveform to increase endorphin secretion, stimulate acupuncture points, promote relaxation, and release tension.

It is charged with a USB and the manufacturer recommends using it 15 minutes a day while taking a walk, for example.

It has

two modes of operation

and you just have to hold it in your left hand, with the metal part touching your palm.

After a few seconds of use, the relaxing effects begin to be noticed and it makes you sleepy (that's what the users say).

Buy it here for 29.99 euros.

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